Little Echoes - 2019


Our fist event this year was created as to benefit the swedish organisation Little Echoes, an organisation focusing on helping and creating safe spaces for families with children with disabilities. 

Money raised will go towards buying supplies, such as floor mats, sensory lights & toys, plus art & craft supplies.

IPS 5th Anniversary - 2018


The celebration of IPS 5th Anniversary took place at the Residence of the French embassy, where it all began 5 years ago. 

This evening was not about raising funds, even though some money was collected for young boy who is being treated for a severe form of cancer, but about gathering the people who have been there from the beginning as well as the  ones who have joined us on our journey to make a difference for children and youngsters around the globe. 

Passion for Physics - 2018


Doing our best to support youth in a variety of ways, this evening the focus was on young physicists from Macedonia. All donations went directly to entrance fees to competitions in the hope that the students will spark an interest in their field within their peers.

Hand in Hand India - 2017


As to raise funds for the organisation Hand in Hand IPS invited friends to galadinner at Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

World Childhood Foundation - 2016

World Childhood Foundation

All donations collected at this event was given to World Childhood Foundation.

Operation Smile Philippines - 2016


An evening focusing on sharing smiles.

"That an organisation such as IPS decides to arrange such an evening as to benefit Operation Smile naturally means extremely much for us. Thanks to them we can spread even more smilies and change the lives of several children who otherwise wouldn't get any help" says Johan Norrby, responsible for donations at Operation Smile Sweden.

A Macedonian Evening - 2015


In aid of Daycare Center for children with disabilities in Kochani at the Volvo showroom in Kungsträgården, Stockholm.

Woman Initiative by Caritas Italiana - 2015

Burkina Faso Caritas Italiana women initiative

To finance micro-project aimed at training 87 women in the community of Libiélé in Burkina Faso to plant, process, store and market Soumbala, a West African spice. Caritas will provide both the training and the necessary material.

Barn Cancer Fonden - 2014


A fundraising concert together with Lilla Akademien.

An Indonesian evening - 2013


Together with the Indonesian Embassy of Sweden, funds raised for the YPK Bali Rehabilitation Centre.

IPS Inauguration - 2013


The inauguration dinner was held to celebrate the beginning of IPS. Donations received were donated to Deaf and Blind School in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Venue: Residence of the French Ambassador, Stockholm

Sponsors: French Embassy, Picard, Giertz Vinimport, Swedish Press Review, Ian M Beck, Winberg & Partners AB, Lilla Akademien